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Silverline micrometer 0-25mm

Silverline micrometer 0-25mm


SILVERLINE External Micrometer 0-25mm


Brand New and Unused,
0-25mm external micrometer,
Strong steel frame with corrosion-resistant finish,
Range of 0 - 25mm with a resolution of 0.01mm,
Includes hard protective plastic case,

Enameled frame and satin chrome thimble and sleeve.
Supplied in a strong storage case.


1 x Micrometer
1 x Protective case
1 X Calibration key

Useful Information

A micrometer, sometimes known as a micrometer screw gauge, is a measuring instrument that can be used to make extraordinarily precise measurements. These tools are common place in a machine shop, engineering workshop or tool room where the production of components that are made in all types of material such as Bright Mild steel, Stainless steel, Engineering Plastics, Nylon, and Aluminium to name but a few is undertaken. In fact if you are in a position to own or operate a CNC lathe, milling machine or work in an engineering environment you will be aware of just how important a micrometer can be.

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